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JobSpot is your online resource for connecting with the Greater St. Cloud Region. More than a job bank, JobSpot provides job seekers, businesses and community organizations with the opportunity to connect professionally. 

What Makes JobSpot Different?

Glad you asked. We're focused solely on the Greater St. Cloud Region, which means all jobs, all employers, all networking opportunities - everything you find on JobSpot - is located in and around St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Why Use JobSpot?

  • Easy to use!
  • Employers can find local candidates or candidates looking to locate to the Greater St. Cloud Area.
  • One spot to post all jobs, from entry level to executive.
  • FREE 30 day posting with resume search, for new employers to the site!
  • Single job postings are only $75 for a 30 day posting, and only $100 for a 60 day posting. During the time your posting is active, you also have access to unlimited resume/candidate profile search. 5 pack of postings available for $350.
  • Most cost effective local resource available.
  • Your support of JobSpot helps all of us in promoting and supporting the continued growth and vibrancy of the Greater St. Cloud Area as the best area to live, work, and engage.

Brought to you by the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.

JobSpot is part of a larger endeavor of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation (GSDC) to expand and enhance the vibrancy of the region. The GSDC is a private collaboration of more than 170 regional business and community leaders within Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties in central Minnesota.

The mission of the GSDC is to lead economic development for the benefit of the greater St. Cloud region. We accomplish this by engaging community leaders, fostering business growth, expanding and developing the area's talent base and supporting the communities that make up the greater St. Cloud region.

GSDC 6 Strategic Initiatives

  • Business Development: Enable business retention, expansion and attraction across the region. 
  • Transportation: Facilitate efforts & advocate for expansion of a comprehensive regional transportation infrastructure including road, rail, air, bus and trail.
  • Talent: Attract, develop, retain and expand the talent pool; grow the development and utilization of the regional talent portal: www.GreaterStCloudJobSpot.com
  • Well-Being: Identify and promote best practice workplace wellbeing programs and the development of a wellbeing assessment.
  • Contribute to the planning for a vibrant downtown St. Cloud.
  • Foster innovation.

Talent Initiative: Our Objectives

In our mission to attract, develop, retain and expand the regional talent pool, we focus on three primary objectives: 

  1. Develop and showcase the skills, experience, and other talent attributes of the region.
  2. Retain Talent – keep graduating students in the region or attract job seekers to the region.
  3. Attract alumni back to the region.

JobSpot is a part of the GSDC's talent initiative to develop the region by cultivating talent and growing business - a two-part effort to provide a strong economic base, a competitive advantage for both employers and job seekers, and an environment that supports and sustains success.

Check out this exciting resource, showcasing over 2,500 registered job seekers and over 600 currently open jobs in the Greater St. Cloud area!

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