The Importance of Corporate Volunteerism

We know you’re thinking, “Volunteer? My employees already don’t have enough time in the day to get all their work done!” Try to overcome your reservations and give volunteerism a chance; integrating volunteerism into your corporate culture can be a fun and rewarding experience for your company. Read on to discover four of the main benefits of corporate volunteerism.

Benefit #1: Volunteering is a free and effective way to boost employee engagement and create brand recognition and loyalty among your customers and the community at large.

Benefit #2: Giving back to local volunteer programs not only benefit the community, but can also:

  •  boost employee morale and productivity
  •  train employees in new skills
  •  build a cohesive environment between employees
  •  fulfill personal satisfaction

Benefit #3: The best part is, it's free! Other than your time, volunteering doesn't cost a dime (okay, maybe in gas), and you outpace your competition with your engaged and developed company culture. 

Benefit #4: Volunteering translates into free brand recognition within the community - it's a win-win scenario.

So, the next time you put some loose change in a donation bucket, think, how can my business get involved?

United Way of Central Minnesota

United Way of Central Minnesota works to advance the common good by focusing on Education and Basic Needs, such as homeless housing and assistance programs, child literacy programs and quality out of school time. The way to achieve these action areas is to give, be an advocate and help volunteer.

Read more to find out how your company can get involved with United Way:

Local Volunteering Opportunities:


"Great River Federal Credit Union offers all employees 8 hours of paid volunteer time per year to serve in the community.  We partner with United Way, Boys & Girls Club, American Cancer Society, Anna Marie’s Alliance, Catholic Charities, Junior Achievement, Adopt a Highway and many more.  We have made great strides in our Community Involvement and we look forward to continuing to making a difference in our community." - Great River Federal Credit Union


"On any given day, you will find Marco employees volunteering in the community. Some spend a day volunteering their time to help a local cause - cleaning, painting, packing or building. Some serve as classroom instructors teaching kids about finance and business. And others lead nonprofit boards or coach their kids’ sports teams..." Read more about how Marco encourages volunteerism here.

Click here to read more about why your company should encourage volunteerism with a presentation from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota.