I am registered on JobSpot, now what?

Thank you for using JobSpot to post your company openings and utilize the employment resources and tools we offer.  We hope you make some helpful connections and gather some useful information that will assist you in your search.

Below is a 5 step process in getting the most out of JobSpot:

  1. Create an informative, visually appealing Company Profile
    • Showcase your company logo
    • Include your company website
    • Share a short but succinct overview of your company. This is the 1st glimpse a candidate will see of your business – so make it a good one.  Include “who you are” and “what you do”.
    • Include any social media sites you are active with so candidates can learn more about your company and potentially engage with your organization.
  2. Create an eye catching, professional looking job posting.
    • Use a job title that is attracting and meaningful to the job seeker. Think like a job seeker that is not familiar with your company.
    • This may be different than the technical position title within your organization.
    • Job title should be short and clear to the job seeker
    • Use short paragraphs or bullet points to detail the position
    • Keep short and to the point. Highlight the key job responsibilities 
    • Complete the job description and the job requirements
    • The more specific you are in the posting, will generate the most qualified candidates
    • Be sure to include details on how candidates should apply to this position.  Be very specific.  If you do not have an online application process to direct them to, be sure to include the application directions in the actual body of the job posting.
    • Lengthy job descriptions will not get read.
    • Once the applicant clicks the “apply now” button, they will be redirected to your company website to the specific company page you designate.
  3. Search the job seeker data base for potential job applicants for your company.
    • Currently we have almost 2000 registered job seekers on JobSpot.
    • New job seekers continue to create a profile every day so search regularly to capture all potential applicants. 
    • Take the time to seek out potential applicants.  You can’t wait for them to come to you!  With the unemployment where it is today, you need to be the proactive one! With an active posting on the site, you can search all of these candidates through key word, location, category, occupations, or employment type features.
    • Create saved searches that match your criteria and you will receive emails with candidates that match this criteria.
    • Create a resume alert that will notify you should a resume match your criteria.
    • We see job seekers at all level of experience from entry level to high level executive.
    • We encourage you to reach out directly to candidates you find through your search as they may not have seen your posting as of yet.
    • You can contact potential applicants through private messages or simply contact them through phone or email directly.
  4. Explore and utilize the vast employer resources on JobSpot to assist you in your recruitment/networking needs.
    • Find these resources by clicking the Resources link on the home page menu.  
      • Recruiting and Retention
      • Internships
      • Connecting with Colleges
      • Veterans
      • Understanding the Millennial
      • Career Profile tool
      • JobSpot
      • Groups to collaborate with/tools to use 
  5. Stay connected to JobSpot! 
    • Follow JobSpot on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with employer tips and local events.
    • We want to hear your feedback!  Are you finding the tools you need to secure your next great team member in Greater St. Cloud?  
      • Feedback can be shared through JobSpot by clicking on the contact us link on the home page. It is with your feedback we can continue to develop the site to offer those tools you are seeking.

Thank you for using JobSpot!

Together we are helping connect job seekers with opportunities right here in Greater St. Cloud!