Workplace Well-Being

Most of us know that well-being translates to quality of life and longevity for individuals.  More and more employers are recognizing the same holds true for organizations and work sites. The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation’s (GSDC) Workplace Well-Being Initiative has been created to assist regional employers in developing and implementing best-practice workplace well-being programs for the benefit of individuals and the organizations in which they work and engage.

The Workplace Well-Being Initiative has three primary goals:

  1. To improve health and well-being in the workplace for the mutual benefit of employees and employers.
  2. To attract, retain and engage talented associates in our region and our organizations.
  3. To enhance creativity, innovation and productivity in our region and in our organizations.

We hope this material will assist you in advancing well-being in the workplace as a key strategy to attracting and retaining talent, increasing productivity, improving health and building a culture of well-being for your organization and our region.

More information on Workplace Well-being Initiative can be found on the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation's website.